Worship Services at Inman UMC

Inman is not a large church—no one gets lost in the crowd—and Inman is not a small church where every member has several jobs. We gather as we safely can for fellowship meals so that we can develop our friendships and relationships, and we have our times for study, prayer, mission projects and Christian education.

Your First Visit

You won’t be able to walk through the doors on Sunday morning without several people greeting you, asking your name, and making you feel welcome. You will find a lively church that loves to worship with good music (a mix of traditional and contemporary) meaningful prayer, and the proclamation of the Word of God, all centered on our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Dress is mostly casual. A few folks will dress up, but you won't be out of place in jeans and a decent shirt.

Children are Welcome!

Early Childhood Sunday School for ages PreK-2nd grade meets in Room 105 at 10:00 AM.

Children's Sunday School for ages 3rd Grade-5th Grade meets at 10:00 AM.

Children in preschool through 2nd grade are welcome to go to Children's Church following the Children's Sermon during the 11:00 AM Worship Service.

8:45 AM Worship Service

Style: This service is less formal than our 11:00 AM Worship Service.

Dress Code: Casual

Music: Traditional and contemporary hymns. We do not have a choir at this service, but we still have music and singing.

Find out more about our music and choir.

11:00 AM Worship Service

Style: This is a traditional Worship Service. Children may attend Children's Church during this service.

Dress Code: Casual

Music: Traditional and contemporary hymns. We have a choir at this service.

Find out more about our music and choir.

Special Services

We do have a few Special Services that differ in style or location from our normal Worship Services.

These services are usually related to the Easter and Christmas seasons. Some of them even take place at Minter's Farm, which is just down the road from us.


We practice open Communion. This means that everyone, children included, are welcome to participate.

Click Here for more info on Communion in the Methodist Church.

Lighting of the Candles

The lighting of the candles represents Christ's presence in worship. The two candles flanking the cross symbolize Jesus' two natures, human and divine.


Acolytes are attendants or helpers who assist in worship by lighting and extinguishing candles and bearing the flame in worship processions at the beginning and the end of the service.


The paraments are the fabric hangings on the pulpit, lectern and altar table. Their colors correspond to the liturgical (public worship) season of the year.

Public Worship Seasons of the Christian Year

Advent, represented by purple and/or blue paraments.

Christmas, represented by white paraments.

Epiphany, represented by white paraments.

Sundays after Epiphany, represented by green paraments.

Lent, represented by purple paraments.

Easter, represented by white paraments.

Pentecost, represented by red paraments.

Trinity Sunday, represented by white paraments.

Sundays after Pentecost, represented by green and/or red paraments.