We believe that our physical involvement, our time involvement in mission is as important to our spiritual development as our monetary involvement.  Not everybody can wield a hammer or a saw, so we have a variety of ways you can be involved in mission at Inman

Each year our youth participate in the Appalachian Service Project.

The men are engaged in what I think of as a “Barn-raising” ministry.  A hundred years ago, if a member of the community lost his barn in a fire, or needed help erecting his barn, the men of the church would gather one day and everyone would go to the man’s farm and raise his barn with him.  That is what our men are doing.  Somebody needs a ramp; the men go build a ramp.  Somebody needs something painted, or a tree cut down, or brush cleared; the men go help them out.  The men of Inman are practicing “Neighbor loving.”  And they could use your help.

Every year our congregation collects new back-to-school supplies for kids who need them.

We participate in the Samaritan Project Food Bank with bags of food, and members volunteer their time to see that the food is distributed.

We participate in Square Foot ministries, building houses for people in the community—another kind of barn-raising activity.

We have the Angel Tree at Christmas, where we place gifts that benefit the children of Murphy-Harpst, the Children’s Home, and DFCS.

We participate in Stop Hunger Now.  Our Communion Rail offerings help our Scouts, Camp Glisson, Wesley Homes, and several other missions of the church.


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